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Our Range of Beauty Products
This range is strongly recommended for ladies who want to look beautiful, classy and stylish; it is long lasting, intense and affordable and is named after admirable things seen everyday. Our vision is to enhance the beauty of women with our signature style of beauty products. Explore our range to find your match and that glam look.

The UNVEIL MUP is a must have!

Face Glow (Powder)

It’s enriched in tale, zinc oxide, titanium, dioxide mica, methyl paraben, propyl paraben. It ensures radiance all day long and also keeps your complexion looking perfect. It comes in 3 shades like: Light, Medium and Dark.

Cheek Glow (Blush)

Glides on smoothly and offers a matte effect, apply on the apple of the cheek to give a satiny finish to emphasize the cheek bone. It comes in 13 shades with names like Mademoiselle, Coral, and Chemistry…

Eye Base (Primer)

The eye shadow base is formulated to enhance the application of shadow to give a wow and intense look.

Eye Silhouette (Eye Shadow)

Outline colours, texture to shade, shape and define the eye with various formula and finishes to make the eyes pop. It comes in 50 shades.


Zillionize your lashes! The Unveil Lash Elongator strengthens volumnizes and gives the lashes a fuller effect. It comes in 2 shades, (Black and Navy Blue).


Smackers (Lipstick)

Get noticed! …..it gives the lips an instant creamy shine or matte finish that last long for that glam look you desire. It comes in 40 shades and exotic names like: Vintage chic, Valentine, Spunky, Kiss ‘n’ tell, Muuah, Seduce……

Gaze of Light (Lip Gloss)

Drench your lips in vibrant non sticky gloss with a touch of iridescence for a glimmering shine that’s perfect for the day and evening wear. Comes in 12 shades with names like:  Girl next door, Curious, First kiss, Wow……..

Eye Intensifier (Inner Eye Rim Pencil)

A soft pencil liner that accentuates the eyes, it provides rich and consistent colour. It comes in 10 beautiful shades.

Lip Definer (Lip Pencil)

It gives the lip a definite shape before the application of lipstick or lip gloss.

Brow Pencil

Essential tool to groom, define and enhance the brow with a natural link.


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